2017年12月31日 星期日

2017: A Year of Transformation


今年對我來說, 是個奇幻旅程(貓的2017投資奇幻之旅嗎?;p)

旅程中, 有失意, 有心碎, 有羞辱; 但也有驕傲, 有信念, 有歡樂. 雖然失去了虛無短暫的友情, 看到了人性的黑暗面&現實面, 但也讓我看到, 誰有可能是一輩子的, 真正的盟友/朋友.

這一切一切, 都已成為我生命中的養分, 成為我成長的動能, 給了我人生的智慧, 也讓我更認識了自己.

我謝謝每一位支持我, 幫助我的朋友--你們是我的守護天使(guardian angels).

我也謝謝給了我挑戰的朋友---沒有你們, 我不會成長那麼多, 那麼快速.

Happy New Year. 準備好迎接更多未知的挑戰嗎? I don't know, 但是我期待. Looking forward to another year of transformation.

2017年12月10日 星期日

12.10.2017 人要聰明點

排了快三個月的體檢, 終於在上週四排到&去看了醫生. 在跟醫生訴說自己的身體狀況時, 突然覺得, 是不是該對自己好一點? 做些自己真正喜歡做的事情呢? 而一些自己以前認為是不可能放手的事情, 包括自己的高標準與對他人的要求, 也覺得自己是在糾結甚麼? 真的有那麼重要嗎? 這樣做對我有甚麼好處? 換來的是無盡的壓力, 心理折磨, 以及需要修補的身心. 或許就像鬆掉手中的氣球般, 讓它慢慢飛走好了. 轉個念頭後, 心情變得很輕鬆.

2017年12月3日 星期日

[好文分享] Reverse Network Effects (逆向的網絡效應) and the Death of First-Mover Advantage

這段文字, 是從"Modern Monopolies"這本書摘錄出來的. 這本書目前沒有中文版. 

因為經營社群與美股研究社團, 也看到某些社群的興衰, 常讓我想, 要如何才能讓自己經營的社團能夠吸引到願意交流且願意分享的股友, 要如何才能維持社群的品質, 讓大家有正向的循環. 這段文字, 應證了我之前的一些想法: 一個社群愈大, 若沒有一個良好的機制, 不見得是好事一樁. 這段文章, 也讓我對社群經營有了另一番的體悟. 不是所有的網絡效應都是正面的. 也不是所有的先行者優勢都是好的. 在擴大社群的同時, 所以沒有顧及到品質, 那是無法將社群長久地經營下去. 所以品質要顧, 才能吸引到相同理念的群友. 

2017年12月1日 星期五

[時事] [投資策略] 稅率不減反增 科技行業成稅改大輸家

摘要:科技行業將是在稅改中獲益最少的行業。 Oppenheimer表示,稅改後,跨國公司使用的會計手法將被禁止。轉向屬地原則將增加跨國公司海外收入的稅收,而科技板塊將受到最大的影響。高盛預計,稅改將令明年科技行業的利潤下降3%。


2017年11月26日 星期日

[商業模式] 平台經濟 Platform Economy

最近對Platform Economy很感興趣, 剛好社團研習營正在研究的一隻股票就是跟這個有關.

下面是陸陸續續收集到的一些相關的文章....之後若有看到好的文章, 會再收進來.

2017年11月20日 星期一

[投資觀念] 最佳管理就是最佳股票

這一大段是從"股票上漲的原理:選對好股票,狠狠賺一票"中的第六章節出來的. 覺得寫的實在是太精采了, 也讓我對挑股有了另外一層的體悟, 所以特別節錄下來

[商業模式] 為什麼 VC(Venture Capitalists, 創投)喜歡可複制的商業模式?

最近看了一本書, "股票上漲的原理:選對好股票,狠狠賺一票", 對書中提到的"可複製性"這一觀念印象深刻(這也是作者挑股首重的條件之一). 大意是說, 一家公司的產品或是服務要有可複製性, 那才有成長的可能性. 像是店面就是可複製的. 商品也是可複製的. 我的感覺是, 可複製性可以降低成本, 增加效率, 並讓學習曲線不那麼陡.

[投資觀念] 散戶為什麼不會賺大錢?

這篇文章是我在做資料搜尋時無意發現的, 很短, 卻是一針見血. 我知道很多前輩, 都是用這樣的集中型投資方法去做投資, 獲利也不錯. 我今年也試著用這方式. 若是不敢重壓在個股上, 可以把這策略用在投資ETF也行的. 不過ETF也不需要買太多, 畢竟ETF本身就有分散風險的意味在裡面了. 

2017年11月3日 星期五

[無關投資] 股友送的經文

混聊天室, 會遇到形形色色的人, 會遇到一些壓根在我生命中是不會有交集的一些人種.

2017年11月2日 星期四

[11.01.2017] Cramer: If You're Going to Play the Bull-Market Game, Know the Rules

Sure, the market can go down. It should now and then. Certainly, it makes no sense to keep going up and up and up on the same stories.

But we have to use this interregnum, if you can call it that, to go over the bull-market rules, what happens in a bull market that is different from a bear market or a market that has a propensity to go down on any negative news.

Why am I even thinking about this? Because of the tremendous outpouring I got from yesterday's stuff about how I am not afraid, like everyone else I know, to say this is a bull market and the preponderance of people who refuse to acknowledge it are simply tape fighters who just don't get that things have changed and changed for the better. Or, perhaps, they fear the YouTube factor where you say you are a bull and then the next day stocks get hammered and people replay your bullish comments and you seem like an idiot.

Maybe I am simply less worried about looking like an idiot than being concerned that I am keeping people out of the stock market by being too negative or tepid, or cynical, which I regard as the prevailing wisdom.

With that preamble, let's get right into it.

First rule of a bull market: Stocks can go higher than you think and the discipline changes. Instead of being disciplined to want to sell when you have a small gain, which is what you needed before the market became broad and healthier, you need to recognize there is a new discipline: You have to learn to hold on to terrific stocks of terrific companies, perhaps even beyond where you expect them to go even in your wildest dreams.

Case in point: Adobe (ADBE) . If you are a member of the Action Alerts PLUS club, you know that we decided to ring the register on the stock of Adobe because it had advanced 40 points pretty much in a straight line before the company said its growth rate may dip a bit.

It seemed like the prudent and disciplined thing to do because you don't want to turn a gain into a loss, which had been a feature of the market before it started snorting.

Now, though, it's all changed. The discipline flipped. Now you have to be able to stay the course, which is the toughest thing to do, because there is a chance to make much bigger money than you were able to before.

Adobe's stock proceeded to go up 30 points from where my charitable trust sold it as the growth wasn't slowing at all. My discipline was from a previous market. The current discipline, according to bull-market rules, is to learn to hold on, not to give up on great stocks before their full potential is realized.

Second rule: Analysts now matter. For the longest time, when an analyst would raise a price target or slap a buy on a stock, it was a yawner or a head-scratcher. Now it is something that moves the stock. It's been 18 years since analysts were trusted enough to play this role. The rise of Eliot Spitzer as the so-called sheriff of Wall Street, who exposed the Chinese wall as phony, who revealed that analysts often work for the investment bankers to bring in business, so tainted these people that their pushes meant little or nothing.

However, enough time has passed that we have forgotten those prosecutions -- some would say persecutions -- and salesforces at big brokerage houses are now able to use pound-the-table buys to their advantage and get individuals and institutions to buy stocks. A brand new buy recommendation matters. It moves a stock, especially if there is an event or catalyst ahead that could cause the stock to react positively. In a bear or neutral market, these people don't matter. In a bull market, they matter big.

Third, nothing is more powerful than momentum. (註: 這句話在文字稿中沒有, 不過Cramer在節目中有提到). You have to be willing to accept that we will blow through levels in the indices and in individual stocks and accept that a lot of stupid things occur. Close followers of my writings and shows know I used to joke that when I would go see clients, I would say you have to buy $90 stocks. Clients would ask why. I would answer, because stocks that get to $90 go to $100. The clients would look at me like I was nuts. But then they would watch and it would happen. That's just momentum talking, but momentum must be respected. And yes, stocks that go to $100 go to $120.

Fourth, we get anointed stocks and you have to be willing to accept that stocks do reach that status in a bull market. Consider that we are no longer in Kansas anymore, where only FANG goes up. As Carl Quintanilla said this morning, I have to come up with an acronym for all the industrials that are blowing the bears away. I've been toying with a C for Caterpillar (CAT) , an H for Honeywell (HON) , an E for Emerson (EMR) , a U for United Technologies (UTX) and a B for Boeing (BA) and a D for Deere (DE) , but I am not yet in the formative stages.

Fifth, a bull market tends to ignore negative news. You see a tax reform package that has hope of passing yet? Can you believe that we actually want a rate hike? Do you see that China's been slowing of late and no one cares? Remember the $500 billion for infrastructure? None of that matters now.

Sixth, you want to get hung up on valuation, but the bulls are happy not to think about it. The big institutional money managers decide that a certain stock or stocks are good and when they get new money in they buy more of those stocks. Endlessly. They don't say, wait a second, maybe we are paying too much for that. They say, "Hey, we love it, we have anointed it and it doesn't matter how high it goes."

OK, now let's unpack this exercise with some caveats. I don't like a lot of this activity. But it is not yet widespread. I think there's tremendous negativity and resistance to this whole rap stemming from all of the pain we have been through. When you begin to hear these bull-market idiosyncrasies from others, you need to pull in your horns.

Yes, I do believe that while you have to be willing to let things run, bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered, so I am not averse to taking some profits. You know I have flogged this Nvidia (NVDA) to death, but today we told members of the Action Alerts PLUS club that we are taking the stock from One to Two, which means we would not buy it up here. This dog can hunt but, let's face it, the move is too much based on its relation to Bitcoin. I say let it come down before you buy. If the trust owned enough of it, we would probably ring the register on half of the position.

Finally, not all stocks are good stocks. You have to be willing to use these incredible moves to take out the garbage, get rid of stocks of companies that just aren't doing that well. I don't really care for the food stocks.

I am not enamored of the drug stocks. They don't work in a sustained, synchronized global growth moment like we are having. They get lifted because a rising tide lifts all boats, but Karen Cramer, who used to run the trading desk, reminds me that some boats are garbage scows like the good ship Mobro -- Google it if you don't remember or know it -- and you must, must, must jettison the disappointers and the out-of-synchers when you get a chance.

I don't make the rules. But I remember them. I don't play by all of them, but I respect them. I don't think that it is all that rigorous to buy a stock that's at $90 because it goes to $100. However, this is learned behavior speaking, and one of the few things that is good about being older than most with a decent memory is I remember the '90s, and I know we are not yet that far along in this kind of action, and all you can do is hope for a pullback, which will be short, sharp and scary, to buy those $90 stocks before they get to $100.


2017年11月1日 星期三


今年沒剩多少時間了. 想在年底把一些計畫完成. 寫出來, 表示執行的決心. 12月再來回頭看看成效.

2017年10月31日 星期二

關於個股分析.......悲觀的我, 帶著樂觀的精神(spirit)

記得之前看Howard Marks的The Most Important Thing Illuminated (中文版本見此), 看到了書中提的第二層思維, 對我產生了相當大的衝擊, 也因此難過地需要把書放下, 在想, 到底還要繼續做個股研究與分析嗎?

2017年10月26日 星期四

好文分享: Hedge Fund Manager Mark Sellers on Becoming a Great Investor

我不知道Mark Sellers是誰, 也是無意間發現這篇文章, 卻覺得寫得好極了, 也應證了我之前的一些想法. 雖然結論令人沮喪, 但非常值得一讀(重點做了highlights). 

2017年10月24日 星期二

今日感悟: 千金難買早知道?

約莫一兩個月前, 有群友問說: General Motors(GM)為什麼漲? (那時候車廠類股一片慘澹, 也沒人看好GM)

2017年10月20日 星期五


辦美股研究社團 也不能說不是為了自己 也不能說自己沒有收穫 但是到後來 花了很多精力與時間在處理團務上 加上自己type A的人格 總是有著很高的標準 結果弄得自己很累 也弄得別人很累 但是 投資的底子若是不紮實 進了社團後也沒有進步 那我是在害人 不是在幫人 而我為了幫人 為了團務 也失去了可以好好做研究 好好跟團內高手真正做好交流的機會 失去了讓自己進步的機會


很多人 一心想著要超級績效 但卻不願意花時間做功夫

2017年10月7日 星期六

Finding my balance

Your road to success starts by taking responsibility. Don't blame outside factors for your lack of success. -- Mark Minervini, "Think and Trade Like a Champion"

2017年9月28日 星期四


(我的中文無法精準地描寫出自己的感覺......Anyways. 這篇主要是給自己看的.)

2017年9月26日 星期二

[投資心得] 今年看到最受用的話語(之一)

我以前常常看到一些曾經買過的成長股or強勢股的績效(例如, 這隻股票過去三年漲了三倍), 然後想: 為什麼我沒有抱到整段? 我中間有沒有因為恐懼或是因為不瞭解基本面而被甩出? 被甩出後為什麼還是不敢再上車? 到底自己該做中長期操作還是短線操作? 如果我能夠持續抱三年該有多好? etc.

2017年9月25日 星期一

關於修行 (自用. 無關投資)

我參加的一個群組不時會講佛法. 之前對修行有些疑問, 而下面是一位群友的回答. 我覺得寫得挺好的, 很值得細細咀嚼品味與不時地拿出來提點自己. 所以貼在這邊(已經經過群友的同意做轉貼).

2017年9月23日 星期六

Monster Beverage (MNST) Q2 2017 季報結果

這支股票一直讓我念念不忘. 它的線型也是我喜歡的(上升趨勢但盤整很久). 也很多法人喊買進. 

2017年9月21日 星期四

Stay focused

Stomachache is getting intense.  The doctor's appointment is more than two months away.  I really need to find ways to release my stress.  I like to keep myself busy, but too many things on my plate actually makes me paralyzed, not energized & motivated.  And there are foreseeing changes in the near future. Can I handle them well?  Can I steer the ship? Walking away is definitely not an option for me, but I need all the comrades to be with me so the ship can be sailed smoothly.

2017年9月12日 星期二

The market is full of noises. So is life.

最近常聽到的一句話, 就是the market is full of noises.  Trump is a noise.  North Korea is a noise.  Everyone is a noise.

2017年9月3日 星期日

下單時, 請看一下線圖

我一直覺得Cramer是我的狗頭軍師. 雖然不少人不喜歡他的風格, 但他教了我很多的實務經驗. 很多觀念剛開始聽的時候, 都聽不太懂, 或是知其然, 不知其所以然, 但是隨著功力的慢慢增加, 現在很多時候, 我都會知道他講某些事情的背後原因, 或是他是怎麼想的.

2017年8月31日 星期四


今天在找社團資料時,翻到了一年前寫給社團團友的文章. 真的是光陰似箭.....一切都像才發生一樣.....社團有些理念已經變了(是以中長期投資為主),但我的初衷還是一樣沒變. 這篇文章至今讀起來, 還是覺得回味無窮. 特此貼出來紀念一下.  

2017年8月18日 星期五

看年報的時候, 你快樂嗎?

"不過 若問我是不是過了好幾年苦行僧般的日子, 我的答案是否定的. 因為我只是為了投資, 更深入鑽研原本就關心的企業業績研究與分析而已, 我一直都做得很開心. 前面提到的那位可以不停閱讀企業財報的公司新人, 也是一樣. 我想這就是所謂的適合吧. " --片山晃("如何看懂一支股票的題材&故事:讓他在10年內,從20萬變8億!"作者)

[投資觀念] Suitability(相配度)

這篇是我08/05寫在沐樂園的FB網頁上的文章. 我不適合AAOI. AAOI也不適合我---雖然我知道它可能很有未來. 

2017年8月14日 星期一

"先由小勝利累積自信, 再等待時機ㄧ決勝負"

(這應該是我第一篇關於心法的分享. 新的嘗試. 主要是想將與前輩的交流, 記錄下來, 好做複習.)

累積的不只是勝利金額而已同時也會提升對投資判斷的自信. --"如何看懂一支股票的題材與故事"

2017年8月7日 星期一

心法 from Mark Minervini's "Think & Trade Like a Champion" 之導言

看書看多了, 加上有了股市實做的經驗後, 讓我對投資/操作其實有不少的心得. 但是, 我好像從來沒有寫過關於心法的文章. 一來, 想法太多, 讓我不知道該怎麼寫起, 二來是覺得心法會隨著投資人的投資習慣或是周期而有不同的解讀方式, 怕寫了其實不適用於每一個投資人. 所以我除了在聊天室隨意發表一些看法外, 實在是不太敢獻醜地洋洋灑灑發表一些文章來寫自己的心得.

2017年5月17日 星期三

"你進步很多 是非常多"

約莫一個月前, 一位平常互通訊息, 也常會指導我的前輩, 在交換心得時, 跟我說了我有進步. 昨天, 他又說了, "你進步很多 是非常多".

2017年5月15日 星期一

[好文轉貼] AAII: 盈餘預測對股價的影響(Earnings Estimates and Their Impact on Stock Prices)

這篇文章是從AAII(The American Association of Individual Investors, 我稱之為美國散戶投資人聯盟)轉貼過來的, 我覺得寫的挺好, 劃了些重點, 跟大家分享. 有些地方也謝謝股友幫忙釋疑. 

2017年4月16日 星期日

[好文轉貼] 索羅斯的反射理論



原文: Soros: General Theory of Reflexivity:


[好文轉貼] 當你堅持不住時,想想這幾句話



2017年4月11日 星期二

[個股分析] National Beverage (代號 FIZZ) Part 2: 公司介紹與銷售策略


National Beverage是一家總部位於Ft. Lauderdale, Florida的飲料公司, 在美國製造與生產氣泡水, 果汁, 機能飲料, 以及碳酸飲料(Sparkling Waters, Juices, Energy Drinks and Carbonated Soft Drinks.) 

2017年4月10日 星期一

[個股分析] National Beverage (代號 FIZZ) Part 1: 氣泡水(sparkling water)市場介紹


接觸到LaCroix, 是因為自己愛喝氣泡水; 也因LaCroix, 認識了National Beverage這家中小企業. 這個以美國中西部城市與河流命名的氣泡水品牌, 為什麼會讓消費者對它趨之若鶩, 情有獨鍾? LaCroix的母公司National Beverage, 為何能夠在氣泡水的領域擊敗飲料大廠如Coca Cola, Pepsi? 讓我們來看看LaCroix的魅力在哪裡, 看看National Beverage如何成功地開拓氣泡水的市場.

2017年4月1日 星期六

ULTA Q4 2016 財報結果 重點摘要

很多內容是直接從財報擷取, 所以英文很多, 讀者多擔待了. 有不懂的地方歡迎詢問. 

2017年3月2日 星期四

Under Armour (UA) Q4 2016 財報結果 重點摘要

最近很忙, 所以內容直接從財報擷取, 英文很多, 讀者多擔待了. 有不懂的地方歡迎詢問. 

因為運動休閒風的繼續盛行, 讓強調機能型服飾的UA也受到波及, 同時因為暖冬, 讓它不得不削價來出清存貨, 以至於拉低了毛利, 也影響到了營收.

個人想法, 僅供參考: 建議繼續觀察. 原因:
1. 財報結果說的很清楚了, 現在在轉型. 轉型會有陣痛. 
2. UA今年(2017)的預估成長率為10-12%, 但是PE仍在42左右, PEG到了9.58(超過2很多了). 
3. 股價下跌有一就有二. 

還有很多其他的好股. 所以我會先pass UA.  

2017年2月20日 星期一

[Marketing Case Study] La Croix

My favorite beverage. Didn't realize it's such a sensational brand among millennials.  Bravo to its marketing strategy........e.l.f. uses the same strategy as well.  Nowadays, companies bypass the traditional media and use social media to market their products/service.  Money saved.  And margin improved.  Brilliant. 

LaCroix Uses This Brilliant Tactic to Win Over Millennials by the Droves
Join the heated debate: Pamplemousse, Coconut, or Peach-Pear?

Want the hottest millennial talent waiting in line to work for your company? There's a simple solution that costs only $3.99 a case. Stock your fridge with LaCroix. Preferably, pamplemousse flavor. Kidding. Kind of.

Once a regional Midwestern sparkling water brand, LaCroix is making big waves across the nation. It boasts no calories, no sweeteners, no sodium or artificial anything. Though LaCroix is not the only fizzy water on the market, it's emerging as the brand of choice. Sales have more than doubled over the past two years to $225.5 million, Wall Street Journal recently reported. How did LaCroix emerge as the drink of choice for employees at Inc.-nominated company of the year Slack, and thousands of other "it" startups?

A recent piece by Digiday, a publication that covers media and marketing, points to the LaCroix social-media strategy. Specifically, a rock-solid Instagram strategy that's targeted toward millennials.
Eschew traditional advertising.
Unlike beverage giants Coke and Pepsi, LaCroix doesn't spend big on TV spots or advertising campaigns. Instead, the brand has put itself smack dab in the middle of where its target audience is. Some 28 percent of adults use Instagram, and 55% of 18-29 year olds are active on the platform, the PEW Research Center found.
LaCroix didn't just create presence on Instagram and social-media platforms. The company is extremely active and has created a sense of community there. "Through multiple social-media platforms, we strived for 100 percent consumer involvement by acknowledging all comments about LaCroix and responding to our fans on a daily basis," writes former digital LaCroix strategist Alma Pantaloukas on LinkedIn.

Align with of-the-moment hashtags.
The LaCroix hashtag game is on-point. The company encourages its followers to use branded hashtags like #LaCroixlove and #LiveLaCroix for a chance to be featured on their profile. And, they use trending hashtags to align their brand with what's hot. An example: LaCroix is reposting user photos with the hashtag #Whole30approved. Whole30 is a month-long "eating healthy" program that eschews processed foods, sugar, dairy, and grains. As you can imagine, a lot of foods aren't permitted on the program. But LaCroix is.
These tactics not only attract new users to their social-media circle, but also show LaCroix as a social-media savvy brand that "gets" its target audience.

Target micro-influencers.
If you're not sick of hearing about social-media influencers yet, then you somehow must have been avoiding the internet for the past year. While some brands pay thousands of dollars for Instagram users with large followings to feature their products, LaCroix has adopted a reverse approach to finding and rewarding influencers.

LaCroix first looks for users who have already tagged their brand. They aim to engage with all of them. And if you're lucky, you might get a voucher for a free case of LaCroix in the mail. You don't need to have a million followers to be so lucky. "They're actively sharing content on their feed from Instagram users with as low as 150 followers," social media director at PM Digital Toni Box told Digiday. "It gives them a more authentic and community-based feel."

2017年2月16日 星期四

['17 stockpicking challenge round 2 (第二回合) part 1] 美國房地產概況

(完成日期: 02/05)

這個idea其實不是來自於我, 但是我對房地產一直都很有興趣. 剛好趁了這個機會, 來研究一下. 這也是我第一次從總經的角度來做分析, 技巧還不是很純熟, 希望讀者的批評與指教. 

小小群組 大大舞台?

前陣子被網路社群接二連三的事弄得心灰意冷, 還好社團團友適時送來"莫忘初衷"這四個字, 讓我憶起了當初在FB上開粉絲頁, 在群組裡分享, 以及號召成立沐樂園的目的. 我怎能忘記啊? 應該要時時提醒自己, 往自己的夢想與目標前進, 不要被身旁的雜音所干擾.

2017年2月10日 星期五

(02.10.2017) 集中, 集中, 再集中

這個標題, 讓我莞爾一笑. 想到以前在台灣看過的一個內衣廣告, 也是用這廣告詞:)


2017年1月26日 星期四

[2017 投資方向] Cramer’s 5 powerful themes that can skyrocket without Congress

最近又慢慢開始聽Cramer了.......新的川普政局, 每天都有變化, 有點讓人摸不透, 還是需要這位經驗豐富的專家來指點一下迷霧. 這幾天整理了戶頭, 也擬定了作戰計劃(銀行股還是我的首選.....嚴守手邊不同時擁有超過十隻標的, 能夠只有五隻上場, 另外五隻待命, 更好). 希望今年能有些收穫. 今年要更靈活些了. 

2017年1月16日 星期一

2017年1月15日 星期日

打氣文 (for you, and for me as well)

I am good.  I am fine.  The reason to write this post?  Just in case some day I will need something to pump me up. 


[投資觀念] Look for reasons not to do it

在我個股研究的社團裡, 有一個步驟, 就是各小組組員, 在完成了個股分析後, 需要討論自己分析的標的物, 能不能投資, 以及投資的理由.

2017年1月12日 星期四

2017年1月11日 星期三

[投資觀念] 股價與EPS呈高度相關

這張圖的重點, 就是: 股價與EPS(earnings per share, 每股盈餘)呈高度相關. 公司會不會賺錢, 是股價成長的重要因素. 財務分析, 基本上是後照鏡. 但是財務不健全, 表示公司體質虛, 那能夠撐多久呢? 

2017年1月4日 星期三

2017年1月2日 星期一

['17 stockpicking challenge round 1 (第一回合) part 2] 美國遊輪業的主要業者

相當簡單的介紹而已. 簡單比了三家的財務數字. 

['17 stockpicking challenge round 1 (第一回合) part 1] 遊輪產業

**新年給自己的目標有幾個其一就是讓自己的挑股能力能夠增進........I plan to pick some stocks myself and expect that at least half of them will return 20+% by the end of the year (想想還是不要那麼嚴格好了......股票漲跌or類股輪動很多時候是我沒辦法預測的.) 挑股主要以轉機股或是成長股為主. 以民生消費產業為主. top downbottom up的方式進行因為今年還是以社團的事務為重心所以這只能算是消遣娛樂了所以為了更有效率只好剪貼英文重要的資訊到文章裡.**